How do you choose a cover?

Think with your mind and your emotions. 

➤ What resonates with you when you pick books to read?

➤ As you pick the perfect cover, think like a reader because the cover is the first thing to grab a potential reader’s attention.

➤ This is your meet-cute with your target audience. You have to grab them, and grab them fast!

The Process on Etsy

➤  The covers are available for purchase on The WriterSpark Etsy Store.

➤ When you find the perfect cover, simply  CLICK ON IT to get the details.

➤ On Etsy, purchase and download the sample file to complete the customization form. 

➤ I will be in contact one the purchase is complete to finalize details for your new cover.


My goal is to offer beautiful premade and custom book covers at an affordable price. Go HERE to learn more about the cover options.

FAQ about choosing book cover

➤ Each title is sold only once. If you buy it, it is yours and yours alone.

➤ All titles and cover text are placeholders. If you love a title, you are welcome to use it! 

➤ Each title is sold only once. If you buy it, it is yours and yours alone.

➤ If you need a full flat for print, please contact me for pricing and information.

➤ All images are acceptable for standard use. If your book sales exceed 500,00, first, yay for you! Second, please contact me so I can upgrade the license.

➤ If you’d like to purchase an entire set of a particular cover, you will receive a 10% discount off the list price.

Questions? Contact me HERE.

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